Property Management

Commercial property management is a people-oriented business and we are committed to our property owners, our tenants, and our team. Integrity and our hands-on responsiveness in the management of each owner’s property are the foundations of our business model. Our goal is to maximize your property value and increase your net income, assisted by the latest YARDI © software, and the handling the day to day operations of the property. We strive for cost efficiency and professionalism at all times.

We are committed to providing both our clients and tenants the best quality of “customized” property management services.

Types of Commercial Properties Managed:

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial

Project Management Services:

For each owner-approved project, we investigate licensed and insured contractors and make recommendations to the owner. We solicit and negotiate binding contracts specifying all requirements. Once approved, we supervise work performed by the contractor assuring that everything is done to specifications and completed on schedule.

Preventative Maintenance:

We implement a customized program to assure that all your mechanical equipment gets the continuous maintenance it requires. We work with the qualified contractors to assess the condition of your critical systems and perform regular on-site property inspections to prevent owner risks.

Monthly Assessment & Reporting:

We compile a monthly report on the condition of your building including immediate priorities as well as recommendations for long-term and short-term repairs, improvements, and upgrades. We also summarize all of our interactions with tenants and the property in general.

Municipal Relations and Representations:

We maintain relationships by communicating with local municipal building inspectors, fire departments, police & other government leaders. We keep your building in compliance with all orders and requirements of federal, state and county authorities.

Tenant Relations:

Tenants have 24/7 access to our team for emergencies and other maintenance needs. We handle all tenant/landlord correspondence including rent collection, eviction service, dispute mediation.

Comprehensive Financial Services:

  • Collection of monthly rent and other charges
  • Provide arrears management
  • Create and manage bank accounts
  • Bill Payment
  • Create CAM budgets
  • Monitor CAM, taxes, mortgage, and maintenance bills
  • Reconcile CAM at the end of the year
  • Issue delinquency notices and violation letters
  • Accelerated collection services where authorized

Yardi and Quickbooks Reporting:

  • Balance sheet
  • Cash reconciliation report
  • Income/Expense report
  • Accounts receivable/payable aging report
  • Budget variance report
  • Bank account reconciliation report
  • General Ledger
  • Check disbursement


“For once, I can get in touch with my property manager” – Heartland Bank & Trust

“Since they’ve taken over management at our center, I noticed a positive change in the property’s curb appeal and the responsiveness to any property issues.” – La Dolce Vita Restaurant

“I am pleased to see that the property is being cared for by professionals” – United Liquor Market, Joliet, IL


Get in Touch:

Call us for a free consultation on your  commercial property management needs, 815-436-5700.

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