Landlord Representation

Commercial Landlord Representation

Caton Commercial Real Estate works closely with property owners to maximize property values through filling vacancies, retaining reputable tenants, improving co-tenancy, and developing strategies for profitable disposition. We carefully analyze the local market to identify opportunities and help property owners achieve their goals.

Landlord Representation FAQ

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Our blended approach to tenant prospecting includes both cold and warm methods of solicitation, utilizing our vast tenant and brokerage network, and online canvassing to identify concepts active or entering the market. Caton also canvasses the immediate area and locates tenants who are seeking business expansion opportunities. An extensive database of investors, business owners, developers, and commercial brokers are at our disposal as we promote your property through E-blasts and direct marketing initiatives.

Caton Properties brokers compile a comprehensive analysis of competing vacancies, business surpluses and leakage reports for multiple industries. These resources serve to create a target list of businesses that have a high probability of success within a client’s property.  Caton brokers aggressively pursue these synergistic tenants and work to negotiate favorable win-win deals for the client.

We understand that client care and customer service are crucial to our mutual success, providing effective communication is the first step to ensuring that success. The Caton team provides you with detailed feedback about active deal negotiations, interested parties, and industry trends. This hands-on approach to our relationships has allowed Caton to successfully represent hundreds of landlords and their retail, office, and industrial properties for over four decades.

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Landlord Representation Services also include:

  • Creation of marketing collateral
  • Professional marketing of property
  • Pre-Qualification of tenants, including business plan and financial review
  • Processing tenant applications & credit checks
  • LOI presentation and negotiation
  • Lease negotiation, in conjunction with client legal counsel

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