Land Development Services

Together with Caton Commercial Real Estate Group, Blackmore Land Development Services provides a wide range of services to landowners and financial institutions for management and disposition of commercial assets including land, lots, industrial, multi-family, and other income-producing properties.


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More than ever, sellers need the expertise of specialists who know and understand the ‘Big Picture’ and have the experience, knowledge, and resources to protect their client’s assets and minimize losses. Contact Caton Commercial to help with selling your commercial building and creating analysis on your property.


We offer developers and banking professionals access to a range of land development services, let us be of assistance with:


  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Preliminary Cost Studies
  • Value Engineering

Conceptual Budgeting & Estimating:

  • Budgeting and Cost Modeling
  • Risk Reduction
  • Bid Instruction
  • Bidding & Analysis

Construction / Post-Construction:

  • Construction Management
  • Change Orders
  • Punchout and Acceptance
  • Bond Reductions
  • Dispositions

Land Development Services:

Brian Blackmore
Office: 815-436-5700 | Cell: 630-207-8292

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