The Importance Of CRE Connectivity

September 14, 2017

Connectivity in an office building is no longer a luxury, it is as important as having electricity and water. Over the last 5 years, businesses have seen an increase in needing and requiring the highest possible speed on a wireless network for their employees and customers.

Below is an article from that where Boingo's Senior Vice President of Business Development, Doug Lodder shares a few insights on building connectivity. After reading the article, give us a call at Caton Commercial to discuss connectivity and your commercial real estate needs.

Source: | Re-Post Caton Commercial 9/14/2017 -

Tenants now expect highly connected buildings - the faster the better - the same way they would expect electricity or any other standard utility. NAIOP asked Boingo's Senior Vice President of Business Development, Doug Lodder, to share a few insights on building connectivity in advance of his "Building Operations: Hyperconnected Buildings" session at CRE.Converge 2017 in October. In his role at Boingo, Lodder oversees the strategy and development of Wi-Fi and DAS networks for Boingo's new and existing venue partnerships in commercial real estate and other sectors, and develops innovative partnerships with wireless carriers and wholesale partners.

NAIOP: How have tenant expectations changed over the last five years with regards to building connectivity?
Lodder: Tenants crave connectivity and their appetite for mobile data is skyrocketing. In the last five years, we've seen video streaming, Wi-Fi calling, social networks and the app economy create a seismic shift in the way people live and work. Smartphones, tablets, and fitness devices are now front-and-center, which has led to the rise of the "fourth utility" - aka wireless connectivity - and the demand for modern network solutions that can deliver seamless mobile coverage to tenants. We've entered a new era in commercial real estate where fast, reliable in-building cellular and Wi-Fi coverage has become imperative. Five years ago the mindset was "location, location, location," but now, in the words of real estate technology strategist James Carlini, it's all about "location, location, connectivity."

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