New Year’s Property Management Checklist: A Guide for Success in 2024

January 9, 2024

The start of a new year brings with it a myriad of responsibilities and tasks to ensure the smooth operation of investment properties. January is the perfect time to review and refresh your property management strategies for the upcoming year. Here is a comprehensive New Year’s Property Management Checklist to help you kick off 2024 on the right foot.

Rent Increases:

One of the crucial aspects of property management is ensuring that your rental income aligns with your property’s operating budget. Start the year by confirming that your property management software platform accurately reflects any rent increases dictated by the leases for all your tenants and residents. This ensures that your rental properties remain financially viable.

Lease Expirations:

Reviewing lease expirations is essential for effective property management. Take the time to examine all lease expirations for the entire year and research the current market conditions to ensure your renewal rates remain competitive. Initiate lease renewal negotiations well in advance. This proactive approach allows you ample time to market any upcoming vacancies, if necessary. Additionally, ensure there are no lingering lease renewals from the previous year, as month-to-month leases can increase vacancy exposure.

Sending 1099s to Vendors:

January marks the time to send out 1099 forms to all your vendors. It’s important to be aware of the deadline, usually set for January 31st for most 1099 forms to avoid heavy penalties. Research any changes in tax laws that may impact your reporting requirements. To streamline this process, ensure you have all your vendors’ tax ID and contact information readily available. Identify which vendors require a 1099 form, and plan ahead to avoid any last-minute hassles. Most property management software platforms in the industry can assist in the efficient generation and distribution of these forms.

Starting the year with a well-organized and comprehensive property management checklist sets the stage for a successful and efficient 2024. By addressing rent increases, lease expirations, and vendor 1099s, property managers navigate the complexities of investment properties. Embrace the opportunities that a new year brings and stay proactive in ensuring the continued success of your rental properties.

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Contact us today to explore how our expertise can contribute to the success of your investment in real estate. Here’s to a prosperous and well-managed year ahead!

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