Industrial Service Facilities Are Great Option For Your Portfolio

July 26, 2018

As e-commerce continues to grow, Industrial Service Facilities (ISFs) are being actively sought. ISFs meet the growing needs of companies in the transportation industry due to the need for large spaces, companies needing to house bulk goods or materials and e-commerce companies such as Amazon.

Below is an article from that discusses the advantages ISFs have and how they are being used in the Chicagoland area. After reading the article, give us a call at Caton Commercial so we can review your industrial real estate needs and assist you in finding the best fit for your business.

caton commercial Industrial Service Facilities

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What if there was an industrial property type with a lower vacancy than the overall asset class, catering to mature and stable tenants, that was projected to increase in value? There is and it further benefits from -but does not rely solely on -e-commerce-driven growth.

Industrial service facilities (ISFs) are mission-critical properties used to store, maintain or dispatch heavy equipment or bulk materials. They are primarily occupied by companies engaged in the transportation industry, everything from school bus companies to national trucking firms.

ISFs can serve as container yards, trailer drop yards or event to collect surplus trailer chasses. Any firm with a large fleet, such as utilities or companies with field technicians, may also use these sites. They can also house bulk materials, such as roofing supplies, stone or construction materials.

Essentially, these are low-FAR, single tenant industrial sites. They occasionally have limited utility infrastructure in place, making them expensive to convert to a higher use. But with the impact that transportation and logistics are having on the real estate sector, these sites are beginning to have an outsized role.

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