Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services

September 9, 2021

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Commercial real estate encompasses multiple property types including retail, office, multi-family and industrial. Each of these types has multiple nuances in understanding what is involved with buying, selling, leasing, investing and/or developing. Hiring a commercial broker or property manager as a consultant is of great value in guiding decision making, negotiations and more. Commercial real estate brokers go beyond deal making to assist property owners, investors, and municipalities by providing their expertise and advisory services.  

What is a real estate consultant?

Commercial real estate brokers and property managers may offer their services on a consulting basis. A commercial real estate consultant has in-depth understanding and know-how regarding market conditions, as well as industry knowledge and tools that allow them to provide advisory services related to commercial real estate. 

What does a real estate consultant do?

A real estate consultant can provide an array of services based on the needs of the client. Here are some of the most requested consulting services provided by commercial real estate brokers and property managers:

  • Strategizing short and long-term goals for investment property
  • Recommending highest and best usage based on gap analysis of a given market.
  • Structuring leases to maximize the value of a property 
  • Market research to determine the current lease rates for similar buildings in a market area
  • Developing pricing strategies based on current market research
  • Reviewing existing leases and advising clients on preferred terms when renegotiating and/or extending leases 
  • Projecting the overall value of building with optimized leases
  • Monitoring market conditions and advising clients on the current estimated market value of their asset

Why do I need a real estate consulting service?

Individuals, businesses, and municipalities have all come to realize the value of using a real estate consultant to navigate complex real estate deals, property development, and negotiations. Enlisting a consultant early on can lead to fewer issues down the road and provide optimal results at the project’s end. 

What are the benefits of having a commercial real estate consultant?

Commercial real estate consulting services offer the benefit of making an informed decision. As we often do when faced with things that are beyond our own scope of knowledge, we contact someone that has that knowledge, experience, and the tools to provide the information we need to make educated decisions and optimize value. 

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