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Illinois’ Quadrennial Reassessment: What You Need To Know

September 28, 2023

In the State of Illinois, the law dictates that each property, other than farmland, must be viewed, inspected, and revalued once every four years (every three years in Cook County). Farmland is reassessed each year. This four-year cycle of assessments is referred to as the Quadrennial Reassessment. The year 2023 is […]

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Caton Commercial Real Estate Group Acquires St. Charles Appraisal Company

August 24, 2023

Caton Commercial Real Estate Group completed the acquisition of Cornerstone Realty Advisors, Inc, a St. Charles based appraisal company, in a strategic move towards stabilizing revenues and providing comprehensive client support services. Cornerstone will act as the appraisal arm for Caton Commercial, operating as its own entity to maintain continuity with […]

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