Fatina Sayegh

Manager of Professional Services

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Fatina Sayegh proudly serves as Manager of Professional Services, a division of Caton Commercial Real Estate Group. A natural ambassador for the firm, she works closely with both the property management and brokerage divisions of Caton to identify and win business development opportunities for professional and corporate fee-based services. In addition to corporate services, Fatina is a licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker.

Fatina earned a marketing degree from North Central College in Naperville, IL in 2003 and continues to find excitement in the evolution of marketing and technology. She built her early career through consulting small business owners on brand recognition, digital presence and customer engagement. In her transition to commercial real estate, Fatina developed a deep respect for how property owners and local municipalities impact the local, regional, and national economy. She is certified in Financial and Market Analysis of Commercial Investment Real Estate through the CCIM Institute. Fatina’s passion for marketing, education and public speaking allow her to create and deliver high caliber presentations advising real estate stakeholders on critical topics such as market trends, property valuation, supply chain analysis, and highest and best use studies.

Fatina’s family immigrated to the United States from Lebanon and settled in the Chicago Metropolitan Area in 1985. She is fluent in Arabic and appreciates the cultural depth distinctive to having been raised on the balance of two cultures. Fatina believes firmly in the progress that comes with cultural awareness and education, and she strives to emulate these core values in her daily interactions with her colleagues, friends and family.

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