Dianna Smith

Commercial Broker

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Dianna's Story:

Dianna Smith lives into the core attributes of a Commercial Real Estate Broker deeply dedicated to her clients’ goals. With a bachelor’s degree in business, she brings a solid understanding of business operations and sharp critical thinking skills to her role. Dianna’s down-to-earth nature makes clients feel comfortable and confident in her guidance. She thrives as a team player, leveraging collaboration for successful transactions. Beyond being a broker, Dianna is known for her vision, determination, and generosity. Her commitment to guiding clients toward their real estate objectives sets her apart as a dynamic leader.

Dianna’s journey in brokerage has been marked by a commitment to learning and positive influence. Transitioning from residential brokerage to business ownership, she has pursued growth opportunities relentlessly. Through networking events, she has built valuable connections, leading to significant career opportunities like her role at Caton Commercial Real Estate Group.

Drawing from her experiences as both a business owner and a tenant, Dianna offers a unique perspective. Her firsthand understanding of client needs enriches her ability to deliver tailored solutions. Motivated by a desire to make a lasting impact, Dianna’s involvement with NICAR (Northern Illinois Commercial Association of Realtors) reflects her dedication to growth and industry advancement through collaboration.